Design is based on geotechnical reports, geological cross-sections, elevation plans, borehole logs and forces. Precast panels are cast into special proprietary frames and stocked on site. Leveling concrete is poured according to the elevation and coordinates given by design project.

Drainage system is installed. Granular fill is placed in 37.5 cm thick layers and compacted. Strips having cross-section and length given at the design project are placed. Same procedure continues up to top design elevation.   


MSEW is composed of concrete leveling pad, precast concrete facing panels, reinforcement and granular fill material. Other auxiliary parts used are, rubber cushion, steel lag, bolt and nut.


- In case of expropriation problems, capability of construction on the exact border with the neighboring parcel.

-Capability of working at limited spaces within the urban areas where expropriation is not possible.

- Ease of quality control of precast concrete facing elements.

- Faster construction time relative to convertional retaining structures.

- MSEW technology is economical, esthetic and safe.

- Natural look with surface texture and logo can be imprinted if requested.

- Excellent seismic performance.

- High tolerance to earthquake induced vertical and horızontal settlements.

- Due to its flexible nature, it is more tolerant to settlement relative convertional rigid structures.




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