In 2001, a team of professional engineers who started their activities in the field of ground engi- neering services and have been providing both application and project services continue to work on geosynthetics and reinforced retaining structures in the direction of technological innovations increasing demands in the field of engineering in the field of ground engineering.

It was necessary to plan transportation and social areas such as railway and highway which need very fast of developing Turkey. It was reached aesthetic and functional designs thanks to GTM style firms on structures such as overpass, viaducts and road crossing.

The goal of the GTM is to contribute more optimal solution level than the conventional retaining structures in terms of duration, reliability and cost of geosynthetics and reinforced ground wall retaining structures.

Products of developing technology, reinforced floor walls and geosynthetics consist of alternative geotechnical solution for different purposes such as isolation, soil improvement, drainage, filtration and  bottom-up revetment. In a short period of time, GTM has taken its place in the sector as a project and application company by means of its environmental friendly policy, total quality management, member of IGS and customer satisfaction oriented.

GTM - Geosynthetics and Wall Technologies - unites technology with nature...